Orthodox Faithful struggled hard to exercise their rights to pray

October 9, 2015. In the village of Chudnytsya in Goshcha area (Ukraine), the believers of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) cut the road to prevent attackers of Kiev Patriarchate to arrive and interrupt their liturgical life as the website prochurch reports.

For more than a year, the believers of this area were victims of the aggression of Kiev Patriarchate. The first aggression took place in March 2015. Attackers arrived during one of the church liturgies , they threw icons and the Gospel; they displaced people and seized the church. All this happened in the presence of the police officers who did not prevent them from doing it. Since then they continued the violations in many ways.

On the 4th of October, before Sunday liturgy an inscription was found on the wall of the church, which informed that the church belongs from now to Kiev Patriarchate. The faithful of the UOC then blocked the highway road to their village to protest against such provocation. The police reacted this time and forced the supporters of Kiev Patriarchate to stop the provocations and the aggressions in this village.

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