Orthodox Christian activists demanded to ban the concerts of a Polish band Batushka

February 10, 2016 Roman Plyuta, the Chairman of the non-governmental organization “Orthodox Union” (Krasnodar), addressed to Alexander Bastrykin, the chairman of Russian Investigative Committee, demanding to prosecute the organizers of concerts of Polish metal band Batushka (“Father”), to be held in Moscow and St. Petersburg in April, interfax.ru reports.

“The doings of the “Batushka” band have all the signs of incitement to religious hatred in full conformity with Articles 148 and 282 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. And the purpose of their attacks is Christians. We demand from the law enforcement agencies to pay close attention at this fact in order to avoid possible provocations, both before and during and after the concerts,” – said Plyuta to “Interfax” agency on Saturday.

In Russia, the band’s concerts are to be held in St. Petersburg and Moscow in early April, they are dedicated to the release of their first album – Litourgiya (“Liturgy”), consisting of eight songs under the name Yekteniya.

“That is, eight supposedly Christian litanies – prayer petitions. But in the tracks of those “prayers” feature songs of a pseudo – church choir with distorted words of the Church Slavonic language, interrupted with typical of the “black metal” music sounds, growl and hysterical shrieking. The lyrics of the first song are a Psalm by Prophet David which is turned inside out. The words are changed and they turn out to be spoken on behalf of Satan” – said the Orthodox activist.

He emphasized that until recently the band “Batushka” was absolutely unknown in Poland or anywhere else. The producers having released their first album “Liturgy” in December 2015 announced that the band was absolutely anonymous, but assured that its musicians are well known.

“In our statement addressed to Bastrykin we provide information that the new brand may be hiding the musicians of another scandalous band from Poland – Behemoth, whose oeuvre is frankly satanic, anti-Christian and occult in nature”, – added Plyuta.

The Behemoth band’s tour in Russia in 2014 under the title “Russian Satanist” caused mass protests of believers and failures of concerts in different regions. As a result, in May 2014, the lead singer and seven other members were detained in Yekaterinburg, brought to administrative responsibility, and expelled from the country because they did not have a special work visa, which would allow giving concerts.

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