OCU adherents of vlg. Mikhalcha use physical force against UOC believers

27 August 2019. Members of the OCU, with the connivance of the police, tried to forcefully enter the temple.

The Chernovtsy-Bukovina eparchy published a video testifying to the fact that the seizure of the temple in the village of Mikhalcha was a planned action, while supporters of the OCU used force against believers of the UOC.

The press service of the eparchy said that while the mainstream of OCU supporters were storming the doors of the church, another activist with a hammer in his hands was running around the temple territory, trying to knock the locks off the gate.

It is noted that such actions by the representative of the OCU did not cause a proper response from law enforcement agencies.

In addition, it is emphasized that, according to the supporters of the newly formed religious organization themselves, “they are free to go to divine services, no one forbids them (for example, last Sunday), but they are not allowed to when they come to commit a raider seizure”.

Visual testimony:

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