Murder of an Orthodox sacristan in Ukraine

October 7, 2015. The sacristan of the church of the Three Hierarchs in Lugansk region (Ukraine) Leonid Zheleznyakov was murdered from a Ukrainian military, as the information service of UOC Moscow Partiarcate reports.

The autopsy proved that the body was shot in several parts: head, jaw, neck, hip and arm. There were found signs of struggle and theft. The murderer did not try to extinguish the traces of his crime, which happened outside at the yard of the church.

The rector of the parish, who is also nephew of the sacristan, Archpriest Alexander Strebakov said that the fact that the murderer shot the victim in many parts shows pride and arrogance. Another person who served in the army with the murderer underlined that the only motive of his crime was the hate for Moscow Patriarchate as he was an adherent of Kiev Patriarchate.

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