Orthodox memorial crosses desecrated in the Nikolayev region of the Ukraine

March 7, 2015. On the night of March 7, 2015, unidentified persons desecrated Orthodox memorial crosses in the Pervomaisk and Arbuzynka administrative districts of the Ukraine’s Nikolayev region, reports the Moscow Patriarcate Voznesensk Diocese’s press service.

Thus, a memorial cross at the border between the Pervomaisk and Arbuzynka districts was cut down by the vandals who poured flammable liquid on it and set it on fire. The cross, glory be to God, has escaped damage.

The culprits also felled another memorial cross that stood on the highway near the Semenivka village of the Arbuzynka district, poured the flammable liquid on it and set it alight. Nearby they dropped leaflets calling “to free the country from spiritual slavery”.

The ruling bishop already not for the first time appealed to the law-enforcement agencies in order to identify the circumstances of commission of the crime, reports the diocese’s website.

On December 30, 2014, similar acts of vandalism were committed: unidentified people felled two memorial crosses that stood at the road near the villages Mygiya and Semenivka.

Photo documents of Voznesensk Diocese