Increase of robberies of Orthodox Churches in Odessa

December 28, 2015. Twenty failed attempts of robberies and burglaries of churches occurred during the last month in Odessa and its region (Ukraine). The Orthodox Metropolitan of Odessa region Agafangel announced it in a letter addressed to the clergy and faithful of his diocese, as the website of the diocese reports.

According to the bishop, the thieves carried out of the churches the donations collected for the needs of the temples, for the refugees of Donbass and the displaced people, as well as jewellery from the icons. The behaviour of the thieves shows that they did not make it because of poverty, but they are cold-blooded and cynical robbers who did in conscience, without any sense of respect for God and the holiness of the place.

Metropolitan Agafangel warned that their sacrilegious actions will be punished by God. The hierarch urged the faithful to strengthen their prayers for the prosperity of the holy churches of God and he reminded to the faithful to keep their churches away of sin.

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