In Lviv region UOC KP undertakes another provocation in the UOC temple

March 17, 2018. In Shpikolosy of Sokal district in Lviv region, the Kiev Patriarchate, with the support of radicals, provokes another stand-off around the temple of the UOC.

On March 17, members of the Kiev Patriarchate accompanied by the local nationalist organizations made an attempt to capture the UOC temple of the Holy Trinity in Shpikolosy village, reports Krystynopil.Info.

According to Chervonograd Self-Defense activists, the priest of the UOC-KP Mikhail Gnativ from Chervonohrad asked them “to help the believers of the UOC-KP to defend their right to worship in the local church.”

It is reported that 12 activists from three organizations – “Chervonograd Self-Defense”, “Right Sector” and Sokol (Falcon) – came to the church of the UOC.

Priests of the UOC wanted to close the church and pick up the keys. Later, the priests of the UOC came from Lvov and neighboring Volyn regions. Besides, members of the Sokal department of the national police and the Security Service arrived at the place.

The confrontation ended up with the villagers having decided to collect signatures in support of one of the confessions.

As the newspaper writes, supporters of the UOC-KP registered the community on March 1, 2018 in the Lvov Regional State Administration. The newly created community has no legal right to the temple.


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