In Kosovo vandals set on fire church of Christ the Savior

September 12, 2016. An unfinished church of Christ the Savior in Pristina (Kosovo and Metohija) once more became a target of vandals’ assault. On September 9 unknown vandals broke metal gates of the church and set it on fire, as reports the union of the orthodox journalists.

Local priest Sasha Mitrovich established that one of the loops on the entrance door had been cut off, which enabled to throw the fire inside the church building. Having condemned another assault of the sanctity, bishop of Raška and Prizren Theodoius claimed the occurrence was caused by the ignorance of Kosovo authorities and the police regarding a request of the Serbian Church to provide regular security of the church, which is continually subjected to abomination.

“Arson of the asset owned by the Orthodox Church of Serbia in the center of Pristina testifies, unfortunately, to the lack of adequate protection of our property items in Kosovo and Metohija. It is for the second time that we have set up metal gates at the unfinished church of Christ the Savior and twice they have been broken, this time aggravated by arson. Twice have we appealed to Kosovo Minister of Internal Affairs to ensure a regular police post – and twice have we received no response. Such an irresponsible attitude causes damage to all who live in Kosovo and Metohija and does not contribute to strengthening of confidence,” he said.

Representatives of the Church of Serbia reported about the incident to international representative offices in Kosovo and Metohija.

Photo and video documents from the union of the orthodox journalists.