Holy Protection Church in the village of Vikhvostov desecrated and robbed.

October 30, 2019. A church of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church was robbed and vandalized several nights ago in the village of Vikhvostov in the Chernigov Province, reports the press service of the Chernigov Diocese.

The attackers entered Holy Protection Church on the night of October 22. Several icons were stolen, the church and altar were left in disarray, and the altar table was desecrated.

Among the stolen icons was an ancient, locally-venerated Iveron Icon of the Mother of God. An icon of Sts. Job and Amphilochius of Pochaev with particles of their relics and a Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God were also stolen.

Parish rector Archpriest John Galai reported the crime to the police, who responded promptly. An investigation is underway.

Visual testimony:

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