Four armed Islamists arrested in front of the main gate of Visoki Dečani Serbian Orthodox Monastery

January 31, 2016. The Diocese of Raška and Prizren of the Serbian Orthodox Church gave a communique about the incident out of Visoki Dečani Serbian Orthodox Monastery (Kosovo), as the official website of the Prizren diocese reports.

A group of four armed Islamists were arrested in front of Visoki Dečani Monastery. The arrested stopped in front of the monastery main gate in a white Golf vehicle with Uroševac (Ferizaj) registration plates (05). In a joint action of Kosovo police and Italian KFOR after the check of the documents and the vehicle it was found out that the arrested (four Kosovo Albanian males from different parts of Kosovo had weapons (a kalashnikov AK47 with 20 rounds of ammunition and a pistol with 16 rounds of ammunition). Inside the vehicle, also the Islamist literature was found. Two of the arrested were bearded with shaven head and trousers above ankles, which is charasteristic for Wahabbists. The investigation is continued.

The Abbot of Visoki Dečani Monastery Fr. Sava Janjić confirmed that the monks and the personnel employed at the monastery feel safe and that this incident is one more indication that the presence of KFOR, which has been protecting the monastery for the last 16 years is of essential importance. The Monastery belongs to the World Cultural Heritage of UNESCO.

Visoki Dečani Monastery has suffered four armed attacks since the end of the war. Police have investigated only one attack and one Kosovo Albanian in 2007 was sentenced on 2.5 years for the attack on the monastery.

Photo documents from Prizren diocese