For the 15th time (within the last four years) the Orthodox church was robbed (and no perpetrators had been found yet) in Kosovo

July 29, 2018 – In the night between 27 and 28 July the Church of the Protection of Blessed Virgin Mary and the parochial premises in the village Babin Most (Obilić Municipality) were robbed.

Given that the priest father A. Našpalić was on a vacation, none of the members of his family was present at the time of the robbery of the church and parochial premises. The robbery was reported to the police by the president of the church board, Mr. J. Nikolić, who was taking care of the church in the priest’s absence.

The church stuff were found overturned, whereas the cashbox was robbed and the money was stolen. Also, the stuff in every room in the parochial premises was turned over, including the parochial office, whereas the garage, situated in front of the church yard, was also robbed.

On the basis of investigation of the spot, of the employees of the Diocese of Raška-Prizren and Kosovo-Metohija („the Diocese“) and the priest, it was established that the sum of 45,000 Serbian dinars was stolen (20,000 belonging to the priest, and 25,000 belonging to the church). The robbers also took family jewelry.

The incident was reported to the police, which made an investigation on the spot.

The Diocese strongly condemned this attack on the church property and expressed its hope that the perpetrators would be found and prosecuted. Unfortunately, the Diocese noted, incidents, such as this one, were provoking anxiety among the faithful and clergy, so the Diocese called anyone who had any information on potential perpetrators to inform the police as soon as possible and assist in investigation.

For last 4 years this was the 15th time that the Church of the Protection of Blessed Virgin Mary was attacked or robbed, but no perpetrator was found thus far.


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