Five parishioners killed returning from the office in Orthodox church of St George in Dagestan

February 18,2018. At about 4:30 pm on February 18, an unidentified man has opened shooting from a hunting rifle on townspeople in Dagestan Kizlyar. According to TASS, at this time parishioners left the service from the orthodox church of St. George. This information confirmed Mayor of Kizlyar Alexander Shuvalov.

Rector of the Church Father Pavel told RBC that people began to leave the church after the end of the service. According to him, an unknown man with a shout “Allahu Akbar” fled to the side of the temple and shot. He wounded three people and killed four.

Telegram-channel Mash published frames of the video surveillance camera from the scene of the attack. The clip shows how a man with a gun approaches the temple, but there is no sound on the record. On video , shot by eyewitnesses, can be heard shooting.

By data “Interfax”, there were two criminals – husband and wife. Before the shooting began, the woman fled, one man fired. Later, the source of the agency reported that her detained : she tried to hide, but did not have time. In the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dagestandid not confirm information about her detention.

By data TASS, the attacker was previously identified as a resident of Tsuntinsky district of Dagestan, now his involvement in the bandit underground is being verified. Source: RIA Novosti told , that the man was not registered with law enforcement agencies and did not belong to the radical currents.

The offender was shot and killed by law enforcement officers. By data Tass, the attacker found a hunting rifle, a knife and ammunition.

Hunting gun, allegedly found on the scene. A photo @lenta_dagestan

In the Investigative Committee reported , that the attacker was a local resident of 1995 year of birth. The publication “Draft” without reference to the source reported , that, according to preliminary data, the murdered person was identified as Khalil Khalil Omarovich, a native of the village of Kidero, Tsuntinsky district. According to the publication, he lived in the village of Rassvet of Tarumovsky district.

Initially, it was reported about four dead and four injured, three of whom were employees of Rosgvardia. Later in the Ministry of Internal Affairs confirmed information about four dead and four injured. Victims of the arrow were four women. Among the wounded – two policemen, noted in the department. Regional Ministry of Health reported five hospitalized after the shooting. Telegram-channel Mashpublished list of names of the wounded during the shooting. Officially, this information is not confirmed.

After a while, the administration of Kizlyar reported that the number of deaths during the shooting increased up to five people – another woman died in the hospital. The condition of two more victims is estimated as heavy. Edition of RIA “Dagestan” published Photographs depicting the bodies of the fired and dead.

Office of the Investigation Committee for Dagestan excited a criminal case of murder (part 2 of Article 105 of the Criminal Code) and an encroachment on the life of a law enforcement officer (Article 317 of the Criminal Code). Chairman of the Investigation Committee Alexander Bastrykin took investigation of the case for personal control. After the incident in Kizlyar also arrived head of the Interior Ministry of Dagestan Abdurashid Magomedov.

how told Mayor of the city Alexander Shuvalov, in general in the city “everything is quiet.” After shooting in Orthodox churches, security measures were strengthened, there are two in the city.

Comments from the authorities of Dagestan and the Kremlin at the time of writing notes were not received.

Updated at 19:52: authorities of Dagestan promised to provide the necessary support to families whose relatives were killed or injured as a result of the shooting. Head of the region Vladimir Vasilyev instructed to organize an operational headquarters with the participation of heads of executive bodies. He also expressed his condolences to the dead.

“The shooter (who was killed) has been identified. He is a local resident of 22 years of age,” the spokesman said, adding that a criminal case had been opened over the incident.

Meanwhile, a source in the local law enforcement agencies told TASS that the young man had not been wanted by the police as a member of illegal armed groups or a militant accomplice.

According to the source, the shooter had a sporting gun, bullets and a knife on him.

The incident took place in Dagestan’s Kizlyar on Sunday. Some sources say the shooter opened gunfire in a church, others say he was shooting at people, mostly women, leaving the church. The man was shot dead by police when trying to flee the scene. As a result of shooting five people were killed and five more were wounded.

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