Diocese of Raška and Prizren strongly condemns anti-Serb graffiti with Nazi symbols in Gnjilane

February 15, 2017. Serbian Orthodox Bishop in Kosovo-Metohija strongly condemned anti-Serb graffiti which apeared on several locations in the vicinity of the Serbian Orthodox church in Gnjilane, as well as on the road to the Serbian village of Donja Budriga, as reports press-service of Raška and Prizren Diocese.

“These graffiti demonstrate the atmosphere of hatred in which since 1999. y. 8000 Serbs were expelled from Gnjilane where only 20 persons of Serb ethnicity live now. This is a sad but truthful picture of many majority Kosovo Albanian cities and villages in Kosovo-Metohija where the ethnic cleansing continues for almost 18 years after the conflict either by direct violence and threats or various forms of indimidation and discrimination”, said Bishop Teodosije.

“We expect a thorough investigation, not only promises but concrete results because all investigations of similar ethnically-motivated incidents against Serbs since 1999 have been terminated without bringing the perpetrators to the face of the justice”, said the Bishop making an appeal on international representatives in Kosovo to finally start calling things by right names and face themselves the fact that possible attempts to marginalize or tolerate religious and ethnic discrimination in Kosovo and Metohija, all in the name of non-existent multiethnicity, represents a direct act of complicity and will be recorded in history and eventually will be a subject of God’s justice.

Photo documents from press-service of Raška and Prizren Diocese