Defamation of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine

October 7, 2015. Metropolitan of Borispol and Brovary Antoniy of Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) commented the attack of Ukrainian media against the canonical Church, as reports

Metropolitan Antoniy invited the faithful to concentrate on liturgical life as a way of reaction against the defamation of the Church. He said that the lies will be soon uncovered after the triumph of the truth. All the false information, the attacks and the brutality from the opponents of the Church proved their truth face.

He also said that the pressure against the Canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church is unprecedented and that fundamental rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Ukrainian Constitution are now violated. He encouraged the faithful by mentioning the example of the persecutions during the totalitarian Soviet period and the attitude of the priests of that time.

Encourage the Council of Europe member states to respect freedom of religion, share this: