Defamation of the Khust Diocese.

February 20, 2016. The information provided in the publication of the Transcarpathian diocese of the Kiev Patriarchate of the 17th of February on the alleged harassment of the villagers Teresva Transcarpathian region, because they moved to the jurisdiction of the so-called Kiev Patriarchate, does not correspond to the reality according to the press service of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church’s diocese of Khust.

According to the press service of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church diocese of Khust and the website Union of the Orthodox Journalists, indeed they collected signatures among the residents, but people at the same time they reported that they subscribe to the document on the construction of the chapel and to the registration of the new parish of the UOC.

Thus, the authors of the document failed to obtain 10 signatures. When the priests of the UOC explained to the villagers that it is cheating, 6 persons took back their signatures. Two more persons, they lived for 2 years in a different area and their signatures cannot be estimated.

It is very important to underline that the so-called Carpathian diocese of Kiev Patriarchate was created in 2015.

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