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Greek Church petitions to be allowed to serve Liturgy, lawyers seeking to annul order to ban Church services

March 27, 2020. Although the Greek Orthodox Church earlier agreed to limit its services to just one-hour Divine Liturgies on Sundays, the state was not content, and on March 16 it banned all services until March 30, in an effort to contain the highly contagious coronavirus. However, while understanding the need to protect the faithful and all people, the Church […]

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Members of OCU beat a parishioner and rector of UOC temple in vlg. Priputni

14 September, 2019. A raider attack on the UOC church in the village of Priputni, Chernigov Region, ended up with hospitalization of the parishioner. On Saturday, September 13, 2019, in the village of Priputni, Ichnia District, visiting activists of the OCU, led by hieromonk Leonty, who was earlier banned from priesthood, cut down locks at the local temple and beat […]

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New draft law of Penal code abolishes petty offences inter alia for malicious blasphemy and religious insult.

April 5, 2019 – According to Romfea News, a series of changes having a severe impact on Greek society will emerge from the abolition of the petty offenses with the new draft law of the Penal Code if it remains unchanged and not amended within the framework of consultation. The new draft law is dealing with the revision of the […]

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Current Challenges in Realizing the Freedom of Religion in Montenegro

March 18-20, 2019 – The Conference of European Churches had welcomed to Brussels the Delegation of the Diocese of Montenegro of the Serbian Orthodox Church. The issues discussed during their stay in Brussels were the current challenges in realizing the freedom of Religion in Montenegro, as well as the draft law on church-state relations (regarding property, registration and restitution). The […]

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The Administrative Court of Kiev closed the case on the competence of the President of Ukraine to interfere in activities of the church and religious organizations.

March 26, 2019 –  the District Administrative Court of Kyiv  has completed consideration of the case on the claim of the NGO “Rule of Law” against the President of Ukraine regarding the establishment of a lack of competence (authority) of the head of the state to interfere in the activities of the church and religious organizations, in particular by signing […]

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