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UN demands to close down “Mirotvorets” calling for persecution of UOC

October 17, 2019. The UN Monitoring Mission called on the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to initiate the closure of the scandalous site. At a meeting of the VR Committee on Freedom of Speech, the deputy chairman of the UN Monitoring Mission Benjamin Moreau spoke about the need to close down the controversial site “Mirotvorets”, reports the online resource “Ukrainian […]

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Ukrainian media publish a fake about Patriarch Kirill and Georgian Church

28 September 2019. A number of Ukrainian and Russian media published a fake saying that Patriarch Kirill supports separatism in Georgia. On September 23, the Ukrainian edition “Religiina Pravda” (“Religious Truth”) published information that “the Georgian Patriarchate has accused the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church of promoting separatism”. As it turned out later, this information is not true. In […]

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The activists of the OCU applied physical force against the faithful; the local media used this provocation to write a case against the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church

March 17, 2019 – Archbishop of Vinnitsa Varasnophy (the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox  Church) reports in his facebook page: “All Vinnitsa media write about the fact that the door (of the church- ed.) was broken down  and a glass was smashed in Luka Meleshkovskoy. But it all started with the fact that they (supporters of the OCU – ed.) locked father […]

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