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Blasphemous documentaries during the Orthodox Holy week

April 11, 2015. The Holy Saturday and while faithful were prepared to go to the Church to attend the celebration of the Resurrection; a blasphemous documentary was broadcasted from the TV Channel Sky (ΣΚΑΙ), in Greece. The documentary was presented as a scientific work against Christ and was trying to prove the “creation of a Messiah”, as reports The Holy […]

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Desecration of a historical church in Athens

March 15, 2015. The desecration of the historical church of Saint Anargyri, which is located near to the Faculty of Law in Athens (in Solonos Street), happened early in the morning as reports The Faculty has been illegally taken over by 200 anarchists who burnt cars and desecrated the church. The Church is a metochi (representation) of the famous […]

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