The Atheist Union of Greece proposes to eliminate all links of the Greek education with the Orthodox Church

August 6, 2015. On the day when the Church of Greece celebrates the Transfiguration of the Lord the Greek vice-minister of education and religion Mr.Tasos Kourakis had a meeting with the Atheist union of Greece as the website of the Atheist union reports.

The President of the Atheist union Mr Fotis Fragkopoulos deposed the demands of his Union to the Minister. Mr.Fragkopoulos asked the urgent exemption of the course of religion for every student, the abolition of the mention of the religious conviction of the students on the certificate of secondary education. He also asked the abrogation of the morning prayer at school and the participation of Greek students at Liturgies. He asked the ending of the blessing ceremony at the beginning of the school year, the expulsion of the icons from the rooms of teaching. He also asks the repeal of the exaggerations like miracles from the books of Religion and the re-writing of those books by atheists who can be more objective. He also demands the disestablishment of the celebration of the three Hierarchs as Patrons of the Greek letters and to replace this celebration with a general celebration of the Greek education.

The vice-minister of education promised to cooperate with the Atheist union of Athens in order to make important changes in Greek education according to the statement of the Atheist union of Greece. Until now, there is no statement from the Greek ministry of education to explaine the actions of the vice-minister.

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