Bus with Orthodox pilgrims stoned in Djakovica on Christmas Eve

January 6, 2015. A bus which with about 40 displaced Serbs from Djakovica was stoned in front of the church of the Dormition of the Most Holy Mother of God in that southwestern Kosovo-Metohija city on Orthodox Christmas Eve, by Kosovo Albanians as report tanjug.rs and inserbia.info.

“On the occasion the driver of the bus suffered minor injuries,” president of the Association of the Displaced from Djakovica, Djokica Stanojevic, told Tanjug. Stanojevic added that the incident occurred despite the police escort the Serbs had.

“This year we again failed to light a Yule log (young and straight oak log burnt on the evening of Christmas Eve) in the city from which we were exiled. At the entrance to the church a group of Albanians was waiting for us and they threw stones at the bus,” he said.

Stanojevic said that front glass on the bus was broken and the driver suffered minor cuts.

“We returned without bringing Yule log in the church,” he added.

Stanojevic condemned the incident, recalling that this is not the first time and that something similar happened a year ago and earlier.



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