Believers were prevented from exercising their right on praying

January 3, 2016. In Ternopil (Ukraine) representatives of the so-called Kiev Patriarchate blocked once again the entrance of the temple of the Holy Righteous Anna and believers of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church (OUC) were not allowed to worship, as the website reports.

In the morning before the service, the supporters of Kiev Patriarchate occupied the territory at the gate of the temple. They demanded the consent of the UOC community to “alternate” service.

“The supporters of Kiev Patriarchate said that if we did not agree on this, they will not let us entering into the temple”, says Nikolay Voznyuk.

The perpetrators refused the suggestion of the believers of the Canonical Church to help them construct their own temple for their needs.

“They require at once a cash compensation of 2.5 million, by claiming that they participated in the construction of the previous church, whose cost is estimated at 5 million,” said a representative of the UOC community.

The newly established community of the so-called Kiev Patriarchate tries through local authorities to achieve the admission to the “alternate” worship in the temple of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which legally belongs to the community of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

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