Attack in a Serbian Orthodox village in Kosovo

December 7, 2015. Early in the morning unknown persons attacked by putting fire to several Serbian houses and demolished the monument of the victims of the war, as the official website of the Serbian Orthodox church reports.

This morning’s attack is also the most serious ethnically motivated attack on Serbs in recent months and shows that the security situation in Kosovo and Metohija escapes the control of local institutions that are unable to provide security to citizens, according to the press release of the diocese Raska and Prizren. The reluctance of police and local judiciary to resolve the numerous incidents and attacks on the Serbian returnees in previous years, created an atmosphere of lawlessness that gives space for new attacks and the continuation of terror against the remaining Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija.

Bishop Theodosius has asked from the Kosovo police and KFOR, to do everything in order to prevent new attacks on the Serbs. All the frequent incidents in Kosovo ethnically motivated are threaten the future of the Serbs and of all citizens regardless their origin. It is a proof of the dangerous situation.

Six months ago, this monument was also attacked with Molotov cocktails, but the attackers have not yet been found. A new attack caused great concern to the inhabitants of this village, which is the only Serbian village that had been destroyed and ethnically cleansed by Albanian extremists after the end of armed conflict in 1999 in this part of Metohija. The village is under the jurisdiction of the diocese Raska and Prizren. In 2003, during an attack from the extremists two Serbian children were killed in the Bistrica River, and several others were injured.

Photo documents from the Serbian Orthodox church