Arson of the car of an Orthodox priest

February 23, 2016. An arson was committed on the car of orthodox Archpriest Paul Poleshchuk, (Head of social department of the Odessa diocese, Ukraine), who is responsible for the Center for Coordination of humanitarian assistance to displaced persons from the eastern regions of Ukraine and Odessa. The firemen enextinguished the blaze, and then called the police, as the official website of Odessa Diocese reports.

The car was doused with gasoline in several places, and set on fire. The quick arrival of the firemen and their ability to act, prevented the explosion of the fuel tank, which could explode the building of the Coordination Centre.

On 23rd February, Archpriest Paul and the center staff were engaged all day in the issuance of food packages and financial assistance to more than 200 refugees and needy inhabitants of Odessa.

Odessa Diocese seeks to find out who stands behind this crime that made obstacles to the charity actions of the diocese and deprived simple people of the food.

Video document from from Glas (Odessa) regional tv channel

 Video document from Reporter regional channel

 Photo documents from Odessa Diocese

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