Armed attack on the Temple in Zadubrivka

May 5, 2020.  On the night of May 4, activists of the OCU took advantage of the difficult situation in the family of the rector of the UOC church in honor of the Archangel Michael in Zadubrivka (Ukraine) and made an attempt to seize the church.

After the lights were turned off in the village, the cleric of the OCU and 5 activists tumbled down a tree at the entrance to the village so that no one could come to protect the believers.

2 buses with armed men in camouflage drove up to the temple. The believers called the police, who arrived at the scene, and drove the followers of the structure of Epiphany Dumenko from the churchyard.

During the clash, the OCU activists beat several members of the UOC. At the moment, it is known about 3 wounded victims who were taken to the hospital.

Visual testimony:

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