An Orthodox church in Lipljan vandalized with KLA graffiti

January, 10 2015. Graffiti of Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) appeared on the walls of the Orthodox church of Saint Flora and Lavre in Lipljan on Saturday morning, and the police and the Diocese of Raska and Prizren have been notified about the incident as reports

President of the church municipality of Lipljan Zoran Simijonovic said that citizens notified him about the graffiti some time around 8 a.m. that morning, after which the police were called to inspect the area immediately. According to him, citizens are distraught although no inter-ethnic problems in the area have been recorded lately. We did not see something like this coming and we are worried about potential new incidents, Simijonovic said.

Lipljan priest Slavisa Spasic said that the appearance of the graffiti on the church walls was a distressing experience for Lipljan citizens and Serbs. No incidents involving the Orthodox church happened until now and no problems ever occurred here before, Spasic said.

Chief of the Kosovo Administrative District Srdjan Petkovic noted that Lipljan citizens are frightened and that they did not wish to appear in front of reporters’ cameras because they are afraid of potential retaliation.

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