Activist-journalist of OCU wishes death to UOC in her online video

June 17, 2020. Death threats for the Ukrainian Orthodox Church by the journalist Yeremitsa constitute a criminal offense, the Chernivtsi-Bukovyna Eparchy of the UOC noted.

The Chernivtsi-Bukovyna Eparchy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church commented on the act of the OCU activist, journalist Galina Yeremitsa, who recorded a video on her birthday wishing death for the UOC and putting it online.

“During the celebration of her birthday, Galina Yeremitsa, a hired journalist of the OCU, one of the provocateurs during the clashes near the UOC temples in the Chernivtsi Region, while in a state of intoxication, made a video wish: ‘May the damned Moscow Patriarchate die once and for all in Ukraine’ and published it on her page,” the Chernivtsi-Bukovyna Eparchy reported on its Facebook page.

The eparchy emphasized that in this way Yeremitsa offended the feelings of millions of believers of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

The staff of the eparchy qualified this act of the activist of the OCU as a criminal offense, the responsibility for which is provided for in Part 2 of Art.161 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. This article is about inciting religious hatred by an official and insulting the religious feelings of citizens.

The eparchy also recalled the participation of Yeremitsa in the night raider attack on the church in honor of the holy Archangel Michael in Zadubrivka, which the activists of the church structure led by Epiphany Dumenko committed on the night of May 4, 2020 – the same day when the rector of the UOC church, Archpriest Leonid Delikatny, departed to the Lord.

“After an unsuccessful bloody assault on the church (during which the believers of the UOC were injured), Galina and her accomplices were recorded on a video leaving the church premises and carrying the portage (on the second video fragment 1 min 10 sec), Galina Yeremitsa wearing a red jacket, her shoulder bandaged with a white ribbon),” noted on the page of the Chernivtsi-Bukovyna Eparchy.

Earlier, the same journalist with a reference to “her insiders” stated that an allegedly coronavirus-infected clergyman of the UOC did not recognize the results of laboratory tests and planned to conduct a service in the church. Later, a special Commission of the Consistory of the Chernivtsi-Bukovyna Eparchy of the UOC denied Yeremitsa’s fake.