A criminal case opened upon the attack on UOJ

March 19, 2018. Shevchenkovsky police department of the city of Kiev, as an organ of pre-trial investigation, has opened a criminal case on the fact of the attack of S14 on the UOJ office.

As the journalist from the UOJ found out, the criminal case was registered on March 2, 2018.

On February 23, 2018, the UOJ statement was registered in the Unified Register of Pre-trial Investigations under part 3, and on March 2, 2018 – under part 3 of Article 171 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (Obstruction of the lawful professional activity of journalists).

The investigation established that a group of unknown persons in balaclava in the amount of approximately 20-30 people, including Yevgeny Karas, Sergei Mazur, Sergei Brigadir, had broken into the UOJ ofifice. The radicals blocked the work of journalists for about 40 minutes, searched their workplaces, loudly shouted insults and demanded to leave the workplace.

The pre-trial investigation also found that the above-mentioned persons had stolen a hard disk on which the working video materials of journalists were kept.

Sanctions of Article 171 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine for a crime, committed by a group of persons by prior agreement, provide for punishment from a fine to imprisonment for up to 5 years.

Photo documents from the UOJ

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