Ukrainian customs denied the entry of Nativity epistles of Patriarch Kirill (Russian Orthodox Church) few days before the Christmas.

January 3, 2019 – Vladimir Legoyda1 informs that, according to sources in Ukraine, the local customs has denied the entry of Patriarch Kirill’s Nativity epistles2 edition, previously sent  from Russia, for solemn reading according to tradition on festive divine service on Christmas day3 (on January 7). The provided reason for denial: some customs formalities allegedly were not fulfilled.


  1. Vladimir Legoyda is the head of Synodal Department (the Russian Orthodox Church) for Church Relations with the society and the Media.
  2. Nativity epistle is a traditional annual festive message of Patriarch Kirill delivered and read each year on Christmas day in all canonical Orthodox churches of Moscow Patriarchate.
  3. Some orthodox Churches, for example, the Russian Orthodox Church and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, uses the old church calendar that differs from the common one. Due to the latter, the Christmas day is celebrated on January 7  by these churches.
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