Vandalism of a church in Travnik

October 4, 2018 – On 3 October 2018, around 10 a.m., a priest from Travnik (Bosnia and Herzegovina) father Goran Živković, was in his regular visit to the church dedicated to Saint John the Baptist in Turbe, nearby settlement, and noticed the broken glass of the church windows. One broken window was also discovered in the parochial house, situated right next to the church. This church was a target for vandals many times in previous years.

The police were called and came to the spot immediately. The police inspectors undertook an appropriate investigation and collected the necessary evidence. Thanks to the prompt action and engagement of the police, the perpetrators were found quickly and brought to the police for further procedure.

The actual motive for this vandalism remained unknown. Before the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the ‘90ies more than 3000 Serbs lived in Turbe. Now there are only 16 people who live in 13 houses, and they are all pensioners.

The Metropolitanate of Dabar-Bosna expressed its hope that the police and the prosecution would finish their part of the work responsibly.

Photo documents from Dabar-Bosna Metropolitanate

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The official website of Dabar-Bosna Metropolitanate (Serbian Orthodox Church) –  “На Храму Св. Јована Крститеља у Турбету Полупана Стакла на Прозорима”

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