The Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church defamed

March 8, 2018. The Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Iriney was defamed by a serbian daily newspaper “Kurir”. The Belgrade-based newspaper published on its front page that Patriarch allegedly did not want to move to Kosovo. Earlier the Patriarch Irinej had supported the idea to add “Patriarchate of Pec” to the official name of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

According to the Serbian Orthodox Church’s statement, the Patriarch’s citations “did not correspond to the content of the conversation and were taken out of overall context”. During the interview the Patriarch Irinej “spoke exclusively about the significance of the Patriarchy of Pec as the ancient seat of the Serbian Orthodox Church, and about Belgrade as its administrative seat.”

As for the possibility of future heads of the Serbian Church having their seat in Pec, the Patriarch “never mentioned himself, nor was this at all discussed,” the statement said.


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