The parish house of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Osijek (Croatia) was burgled

December 25, 2018 – According to the official website of the Osiječkopoljska and Baranjska  Eparchy (Serbian Orthodox Church), an unknown person burgled the parish house of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Osije during the night from the 24th to 24th of December. No significant material damage was made given that father Aleksandar, who lives in the house with his wife and their four children, moved all valuable belongings into a safe place. However, a psychological damage caused is irreparable. Priest’s family does not feel safe and peaceful in the said house, which was their home, as well.

Representatives of the Osiječkopoljska and Baranjska Eparchy expressed sincere hope that security services in charge will find the perpetrators and prevent all further acts of violence against their sacred objects and Orthodox population. For the eparchy, in these days, when we are all waiting the Birth of the Christ, a feast day of love and peace, wishing peace and well to everybody, news about this incident is very upsetting and disturbs peace and well-being of the Serbian Orthodox community in Osijek.

Photo documents from Osiječkopoljska and Baranjska Diocese

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