Serbian churches in Croatia attacked again, priests in fear

March 22, 2017 – The statement of the Serbian Orthodox Church said that in the night between March 20 and 21 rioters desecrated the Orthodox Churches and broke into the church of Saint Georgije in Kricke and St. Jovan Krstitelj in Miocic, near Drnis in Croatia.

It should be noted that this act was against Orthodox believers, so the efforts of the police in Drnis to discover the perpetrators have not yet yielded the expected results.

Every Christian should condemn the repeated acts of vandalism and, to do everything possible to respect his freedom gifted from God and respect religious orthodox feelings in Drnis area”, said the statement of Diocese of Dalmatia.

Vandals did not rob the Orthodox shrines nor desecrated the icons or the items of the churches, and as the statement said, the question emerges of the motive of unknown ravagers.

We will continue the fast in prayer and peace before the greatest Christian holiday and we will pray to the Lord to reason the ravagers and to guide them to Christian virtues, to finally stop desecrating our shrines”, said the eparchy.

The statement adds that on 19 March, Church of Nativity of the Virgin in Medvidja was broken into, and that local priest immediately informed the police, who soon came to the field and conducted an investigation.

The southern door to the church was broken, and there was material damage.

Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary is in the process of reconstruction and part of the building material is in it. Nothing was stolen.

This is another in a series of unfortunate events that took place in the Diocese of Dalmatia and the seventh temple broken into in the last month. We hope that the perpetrators will be discovered and punished”, said in a statement.


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