Press release of the diocese Montenegro and Littoral about the efforts of defamation against it

December 24, 2015. The diocese of Montenegro and Littoral expressed its discomfort concerning the wrong image, which is created from the local authorities of Montenegro, and the defamation of the Church, as the official website of the diocese reports.

There is defamation of the Church concerning the financial reparation that it is owned from the municipality about the construction of the road in the land of Budva. The church of Saint Petka is exempted from this compensation. It is presented that each owner is entitled to compensation from the state except for the church. This is illegal treatment to the Church property. The authorities try to lead the public opinion to the assumption that the request for reimbursement of the Metropolitan is something dishonest, although this does not correspond to the truth.

The diocese was deprived and confiscated large assets after the Second Word War and it is not entitled to demand from the municipality and the local authorities those funds. The assets were acquired by the faithful in a legal way and certainly, they would not want the Church to manage them carelessly and irresponsibly. Therefore, the Church is obliged to take care of the property, which was inherited or received in lawful possession. The obligation of the state towards the Orthodox Church, as well as the other religious communities, for the return of the confiscated property will not stop, as long as these assets are not returned.

The largest part of these funds paid on this occasion by the municipality of Budva will be invested to the completion of the Cathedral of St. John Vladimir in Bar. The consecration is expected next year, on the celebration of one thousand years from the Martyrium of the Saint. The rest will be spent on a number of charitable and other activities in Montenegro. The money after these activities will be returned to the citizens of Montenegro.

The new law about freedom of religion and the confiscation of the church property is not a surprise even if the local government tries to confiscate the property that left after the post-war government. The authorities of Budva consider that it is justice to fight against the Church, just because the Church wants to defend its assets. It is better for those who consist the government of Budva to stop making defamation to the Church and find solutions to make better the life of citizens.

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