Orthodox church of St. Procopius attacked and desecrated in Visoko

January 19-21, 2015. The Orthodox church in Visoko, which was declared a national treasure of Bosnia and Herzegovina, has been vandalized – the outside walls were desecrated by graffiti with anti Serbian and offensive content, as reports klix.ba and There Must be Justice.

Parish priest and elders of the church of St. Procopius,  Marko Jakovljevic confirms that the police did an investigation, and that the first information shows that the church was “invaded by children”, according to the footprints found on the spot.

– Certainly children couldn’t  write the graffiti, and it was done by adults.  There were, obviously more groups according to the signs and symbols of coats of arms more football teams.

The unknown persons who entered the church through the window, have scattered the items that were in the altar, and Jakovljevic said that nothing was stolen and that their goal was just to inflict damage.

Investigation was preformed by Police Department Visoko, police officers came to the conclusion that the two underage boys, born in 2000, may be related to these crimes,  civil protection service cleaned the graffiti and repaired the damage.

Church of Saint Procopius in Visoko was declared a National monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina by the decision of the Commission to preserve national monuments on March 8, 2004.

Photo documents of klix

Inscriptions in Bosnian “You should all be castrated (in order) not to reproduce”,  “Dead chetnik (Serb) is good chetnik”