Offensive defamation of the Orthodox Christianity by a Greek website

January 8, 2015. The Greek popular website LIFO.GR republished the well-known drawing of the French magazine “Charlie Hebdo” but adapted it to the Greek audiance. The drawing shows the Three Persons of the Holy Trinity in sexual action among them and it is addressed to the bishop of Thessaloniki Anthimos by saying that “Anthimos has three daddies”. As the magazine claims this title is related to the gay marriage and to children who have two parents of the same sex. The article of the magazine is full of hate speech against Orthodox Christians alleging that the Orthodoxy offends and humiliates people as it does not accept the satire against Christ or against the Saints. The article says clearly that whoever does not accept this type of satire is a fascist. Regardless the opinion of the Greek website our Centre is not willing to reproduce this image on its pages, as it is extremely offensive to the Christian faith. Nevertheless to see the caricature you can go to the website of LIFO.GR.Image: