Greek hierarchs about the new law of civil partnership for same-sex persons

December 20, 2015. The adoption of the new law about civil partnership for same-sex persons provoked the reaction of the Greek Hierarchs, as the website reports.

Metropolitan of Piraeus Seraphim talked about the state persecutions against Christian faith: “The politicians shamelessly refer to the European consensus concerning legalization of sodomy, but they conceal the fact that post-Christian Europe has become Sodom and Gomorrah. The persecutions are approaching. We will be threatened, we will be reviled, we will probably be imprisoned and murdered. However, we must remain faithful even unto death”.

Metropolitan of Larisa and Tyrnavos, Ignatios underlined that for the Church “Homosexuality is an abominable sin which leads people to inevitable spiritual death… The politicians are following the stench coming from the “civilized” countries, which before us recognized that black is white, that bitter is sweet, and that unlawful is lawful…”

Metropolitan of Sisanion and Siatista, Pavlos made some very interesting questions to the politicians: “Does someone sincerely believe that the Church can betray its eternal values and adapt itself to the momentary needs of each historical epoch? The undeniable right of the Church is to bear witness to the truth. Homosexuality is inconsistent with Church life. Gentlemen of the government! Perhaps tomorrow you are going to demand that the Church accepts bestiality and paedophilia. Some expect that as soon as ‘the Free Cohabitation Law’ is adopted, you will be forced to legalize paedophilia. Europe will put pressure upon you and you are ready to do anything. Do you really think that we will ever agree with this?

As the website romfea reports Metropolitan Pavlos warned that soon it will start in Greece a pogrom against free citizens who dare to disagree with homosexuality as option of life. He also said that government cultivates the fear in order to scare people to express their opinion. He mentioned that the majority of people in Greece respect the right of the others to live, as they want. It is a chance for the government to prepare a new law about the adoption of children from homosexuals because soon Greece is going to be condemned by the European Court of Human Rights for discrimination and then the government will use again this excuse to prepare a new law.

Metropolitan of Fthiotida, Nikolaos said that “the Prime Minister threw the Gospel in the garbage, he presents the unusual things as great virtues and he offends the majority of decent Greek people”. He also said, “The Greek deputies to dared to vote this new law must not come again to the Church”, as the website romfea reports.

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