False statements against an Orthodox Monastery

February 10, 2016. Archimandrite Luke, the hegumen of the Carno monastery in Srebrenica (Serbia) responded to false statements in an open letter to the mayor of the community of Srebrenica Durakovic Kamil, as the official website of the diocese reports.

The television show Network, which was broadcasted live on the eve of St. Sava on FTV organized by the mayor of Srebrenica, Camil Durakovic, brought several false allegations against the monastery of the Holy Virgin in Carnot and the monastery brotherhood. Epiphany bathing which has been carried out on the lake Peruchats on the river Drina for three years already, below the monastery Carnot, Mayor Duraković and Prohichi villagers interpret as the construction of “drug rehabilitation center.”

Glava Durakovic, who has long been concerned about the Serbian Orthodox Church, Republic of Srpska, speaks of “the establishment of a systematic approach to serbianization of the territory.”

In response to the slander, Archimandrite Luke (Babich) writes an open letter explaining that the Serbian Srebrenica of Svetosavskoy land of Nemanchey and Lazarevic has a long history, it was for centuries Serbian, it can’t be subject to serbianization and that Mr. Durakovic and his people need the help of Centre curing falsehood, which is constantly directed towards the Serbian people and the Serbian Orthodox Church.

Here is the letter of Archimandrite Luke,

Mr. Durakovic

With regards to slander expressed by you on the eve of St. Sava on FTV in the program” Network ” there is no answer other than “disappointed but not surprised”.

At first I thought it was a new episode of “Surrealist” but soon I realized that it was the answer to “Dr. Nele”.

You mention “serbianization” as if there hadn’t been centuries-old Serbian homes and Islam came with the Ottomans, thereby misleading the public. We’re here, Mr. Durakovic, 800 years after Saint Sava. And instead of congratulating us with the day of Glory, Saints and Serbian educator Sava as an educated and civilized mayor of the city where the headquarters of Metropolitan of Srebrenica are located, you are slandering.

How is it possible to “serbianizate” the city ruled by an autocrat St. Stefan Lazarevic, son of St. Prince Lazar, the Great Martyr of Kosovo and Metohin. He is the eternal ruler, who is still protecting this city, and he has no need for a permanent collection and calculation of the number of “votes”. Because the truth is not in the number of voices and cries but in the righteousness of God.

Do you know, Mr. Mayor, that the autocrat St. Stefan Lazarevic was among the best swordsmen and knights in all of Christian Europe. And the fact that you “Knights” were seen last year when you broke into the monastery of the port wearing army boots, uniforms and with rifles and hunting dogs during a religious service. One of the dogs ran to the monastery kitchen and bit me. The only one who falls into someone else’s yard in army boots and rifles (as you say in the show) is your “hunting” Mr. Mayor.

Why don’t you tell the public Mr. Mayor about the “peace” neighbors that fired at the monastery. Why don’t you say that the police confiscated three guns from one of them Alic Smajil (two military and one hunting) and equipment that destroyed the monastery fence. Or is the arrest of terroristsprosecution of peaceful repatriates.”

Why don’t you tell the public about the cases of poaching in the monasteries on Christmas Eve?

You have the nerve to discredit the Serbian Orthodox Church although our bishop, the Rev. Mr. Chrysostom warned you to choose your words when talking about the clergy of Srebrenica. After all these events you have no moral right to refer to the Serbian Orthodox Church. Why all the hatred and passion, Mr. Mayor? The municipality is being shamelessly used for attacks on the Church. The budget is composed as woman says: “If I do not like the priest, I do not give him anything.” Look out the window at the facade of the church. In the municipality of Srebrenica there are two old Nemanjic monasteries which you can reach through a dirty road. Instead of paying attention to your duties and responsibilities you are spreading lies and hatred via federal media. Do you have conscience and responsibility? Or have you launched an election campaign? Mr. Mayor, we don’t want and will not be held hostage to “mark Srebrenica”, as you like to say. If you asked us, we would have explained to you that on the feast of the Epiphany the Christians consecrate water, rivers and lakes for swimming with a greeting “God shall answer.”

And you came up with a story about the withdrawal from drugs. It is ridiculous! It seems to me that you are the one who needs the most Center curing lies where patients can be healed with the truth. And you might as well go with frivolous journalist with the show, pack “the Bosnian air” and export it, since cutting a swath is obviously what you are good at. Mr. Mayor, when the fog clears the Holy Cross and the Church of Christ will shine and you will be just another in a series of historical persecutors of Christ.

It seems to me that you are against all that is Serbian but not against the Serbian money. If we ask you to explain what you do not know and it will not seem ridiculous, because in the end you’re the mayor of the municipality of Serbia.

The Serbians are a peaceful nation, there is no one who can frighten them with “serbianization” and don’t you worry about the Serbians because this nation will stand as long as our God lives and our souls are alive”.

February 10, 2016

Archimandrite Luke (Babich)

Нegumen of the Carno monastery and all the brotherhood in Christ

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