Defamation of the Orthodox Church in Latvia

January 11, 2015. In the program “Nekā Personīgā” (channel TV3) the head of the Security Police of Latvia Normund Mezhviets argued that the Orthodox Church in Russia is fused with the government.

“Relations between the leadership of the Orthodox Church in Russia and the ruling regime during recent years in the context of the crisis in Ukraine became especially close. The Orthodox Church believes that all Orthodox Christians who support this religion shape one community. It is closely linked with Russia and reproduces the unique role of Russia in the world civilization. The Russian and Latvian Orthodox Church (LOC), like any religious denomination, definitely has the potential to influence at least on a part of society, “- said the head of the police. Mezhviets also pointed out that in recent years the LOC has developed activity with children and youth, and is actively working with Latvians. “Given the fact that the Russian Orthodox Church is very closely linked with the government, this activity automatically generates loyalty to Russia, to the conception of the Russian world, to the unique mission of Russia in the global context,” – said Mezhviets.

The Synod of the Latvian Orthodox Church published a comment on the statement of the Minister Mezhviets: “The Latvian Orthodox Church is an independent, self-guided by the law on the Latvian Orthodox Church and by other regulations of the Latvian State, is not involved in politics, and, by virtue of its independence, is not subject to any internal and external political influences. Making his ministry, it educates its faithful flock in the Orthodox faith, love of God and neighbor, loyalty for the Latvian state and the people. The Latvian Orthodox Church prays every day for the Latvian state and its people”.