Circular of the Orthodox Church of Cyprus protects the right of the Orthodox Christians on their conviction about the family

June 22, 2015. The Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church of Cyprus decided to publish a Circular by taking clear position against the bill of Civil Partnership, which is prepared by the House of Representatives as the website of the Church reports.

According to the Circular, the Church of Cyprus does not want to impose the Teaching of Christ to anyone but she keeps always the right to express her opinion. She mentions that she will not accept as a union anything else except for the religious marriage and that there are no excuses for homosexuality. For this reason, she does not accept the partnership of homosexuals and she invites them to fight against their passion.

The Holy Synod continues by mentioning that the Church cannot accept the bill of the House of Representatives because the partnership between people of the same sex is an absolute aberrance. The Church expresses the opinion that the bills and generally the laws have to educate people and not only to treat social differences, to satisfy people or to transform a deflection to a rule of law. The bishops say that it would be better for the House of Representatives to avoid bills which are strangers to the customs and the moral values of Cyprus. Such bills contribute to the dissipation of the society. They underlined that Cyprus will live the destruction of the family and the corruption with such a bill. At the end of their Circular, the bishops call the House of the Representatives to guard the values and the morals of Cypriots. They also call the faithful to remain loyal to the Church and to guard their own religious and human dignity.

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