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European Parliament names Russian religious organizations instruments of external propaganda

November 23, 2016. The European Parliament passed on Wednesday a resolution to combat propaganda hostile to the European Union, which, Brussels thinks, is in particular coming from Russia, as reports interfax news agency. As many as 691 MEPs took part in the voting on this advisory resolution. It was passed by 304 votes to 179, with 208 abstentions. The document […]

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Report on Violations of the Rights of Orthodox Christians in Europe in 2015 published

June 22, 2016. The Centre for Monitoring the Rights and Freedom of Orthodox Christians in Europe publishes its annual report for the year 2015. Monitoring the rights and freedom of Orthodox Christians in Europe within 47 countries of the Council of Europe means registering violations of freedoms of conscience, expression, assembly and other freedoms and rights. Usually violations occur as […]

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Patriarch of Georgia and the Georgian Orthodox Church are accused of hate speech and intolerance in the report of the Commission against Racism and Intolerance of the Council of Europe

March 28, 2016. The report of the Commission against racism and Intolerance of the Council of Europe presents its report and attributes hate speech and Intolerance to Patriarch Ilia and the Georgian Orthodox Church, as it is referred on the official website of the CoE. On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, the European […]

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Representatives of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church visited Strasbourg and had several meetings in the Council of Europe

December 14, 2015. The representative of Ternopil and Kremenets diocese, hegumen Gerontius, rector of St. John Merciful Monastery, and the legal adviser of the Kyiv Metropolis and also chief of the human rights organization “Public Advocacy” Mr. O.Denisov had a meeting at the Council of Europe with the Commissioner of Human Rights Mr. Nils Muiznieks. The representative of the Russian […]

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OSCE meeting in Warsaw discussed the seizure of Ukrainian Orthodox churches

October 2, 2015. From September 21 to October 2, 2015, the OSCE held the Human Dimension Implementation meeting in Warsaw (Poland) as the official website of the Moscow Patriarchate reports. The participants discussed the problems of tolerance and non-discrimination, struggle with racism, xenophobia, including intolerance and discrimination against Christians and people of other faiths. Among the participants was Rev.Roman Bogdasarov, […]

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