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Reaction of the Orthodox Metropolitan of Montenegro and Littoral on the Montenegrin new draft law on freedom of religion

October 16, 2015. On 28th August 2015, the Government of Montenegro deposed on the European Commission for Democracy through law the draft law on freedom of religion. This draft law has the intention to restore the public property of all religious objects that were built prior to 1918. According to it: “Goods representing the cultural heritage of Montenegro, and on […]

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Reaction of Serbian Orthodox Church against the accusations of the Montenegrin Minister of Foreign Affaires

May 4, 2015. The statement of Montenegrin Minister of Foreign Affairs Igor Lukšić, on the occasion of his discussions with the head of German diplomacy Frank Walter Steimayr – confirmed by the report by the Montenegro Embassy in Berlin which was disclosed – according to which “The Russian pressure on Montenegro is developed through many structures of the Serbian Orthodox […]

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