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Protest in front of Reževića in Paštrovići

April 15, 2015. ‘The latest attack on Paštrovska monastery in Reževići, by already tried and tested means, Directorate for Protection of Cultural Goods, once again showing hatred towards everything that is Serbian. “Paštrovići residents are ready to stand in defence of their sacred sites. A recent ‘invasion’ of inspectors of the Directorate for the Protection of Cultural Goods to Rezevici […]

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Press release of the diocese Montenegro and Littoral about the efforts of defamation against it

December 24, 2015. The diocese of Montenegro and Littoral expressed its discomfort concerning the wrong image, which is created from the local authorities of Montenegro, and the defamation of the Church, as the official website of the diocese reports. There is defamation of the Church concerning the financial reparation that it is owned from the municipality about the construction of […]

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Vandalism in Orthodox Churches in Montenegro

December 22, 2015. Churches in Danilovgrad in the villages Kujava, Zagorak and Mijokusovici (Montenegro) were violated. The thieves took money from the donations of the believers, as the website of Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral of Serbian Orthodox Church reports. Father Slobodan Zekovic, priest in Danilovgrad, said that the thieves violated the door of the church of Saint John […]

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Reaction of the Orthodox Metropolitan of Montenegro and Littoral on the Montenegrin new draft law on freedom of religion

October 16, 2015. On 28th August 2015, the Government of Montenegro deposed on the European Commission for Democracy through law the draft law on freedom of religion. This draft law has the intention to restore the public property of all religious objects that were built prior to 1918. According to it: “Goods representing the cultural heritage of Montenegro, and on […]

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