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Georgian Court fines condom-manufacturing company for insulting believers’ feelings

May 7, 2018. A Tbilisi City Court has fined Georgian condom company AIISA for “offend[ing] national morality and dignity” with its various packaging designs featuring images such as St. Tamar, members of the royal family, statesmen, politicians, and also Tbilisi’s “Mother of Georgia” statue, a beloved national symbol. They also blasphemously and mockingly make mention of Orthodox feast days. The […]

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Georgian parliament to consider bill on insulting religious sensibilities

April 26, 2018. The Georgian parliament will soon consider a bill that would introduce criminal penalties for insulting religious sensibilities. A representative of the Georgian Orthodox Church has stated that the patriarchate supports the bill. “I … am ready to join these discussions,” said parliamentary Chairperson Irakli Kobakhidze. “The committee will make a definite decision, after which this question will […]

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Georgian faithful outraged by condoms featuring St. Tamar on packaging

March 23, 2018. A group of politicians from the “Sakartvelos” party and faithful Georgian Orthodox Christians have addressed Georgian authorities, calling for a ban on condoms from the company “Aiisa” that feature blasphemous packaging. According to party chairman Giorgi Liluashvili, the company makes products with designs and labels that offend the personal, religious, and national sensibilities of the Georgian people, […]

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Parishioner stabbed in courtyard of ancient Georgian cathedral

March 5, 2018. A man was wounded in a knife attack on Saturday outside the ancient Svetitskhoveli Cathedral in Mtskheta, Georgia, reports News-Georgia. The incident occurred Saturday afternoon. According to eyewitnesses, the young man was coming out of the church when he was attacked with a knife, receiving several wounds to the neck. “The parishioner was picked up by two […]

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Vandalism of property of the Georgian Orthodox Patriarchate

May 17, 2016. Ten gay rights activitists are being held in custody for defacing a fence at the Georgian Orthodox Patriarchate with graffiti, as reports the The activists face possible charges of vandalism and disobeying police orders after being caught writing “All love is equal” on Church property in the early hours of Tuesday, May 17. While the republic […]

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