Attackers of Russian Orthodox Church and school in Berlin will be found, German deputy believes

May 29, 2015, German MP from the Christian Democratic Union Peter Weiss hopes that police will find and punish attackers of the Russian church and Russian-German school in Berlin.

“I hope that those, who are guilty will be found and punished. Our police works well, organized. The investigation is held properly,” Weiss told Interfax-Religion correspondent on Thursday off-stage the round table in the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Moscow dedicated to Christians’ social ministry.

The deputy confessed that he is concerned that “there are such groups in Berlin that stand against Church and religion, and rather violently.”

“Religious symbols are desecrated. May be they attract some marginal people, and there are such attacks, especially against religious buildings,” the interviewee of the agency said.

According to him, German legislation orders to pay big fines for vandalism. However, Germany frequently discusses the question how to interpret the article of the Criminal Code on Blasphemy.

“For dozens of years, in conditions of the freedom of opinion and art, there exist such a legal practice that allows making church symbols a subject of mockery and satire. Certainly, it is very important to stress in the public discussion that religious symbols are very important and holy for us, Christians. We can hope that these symbols will be respected and honored in the tolerant society,” Weiss said.

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