Attack on an Orthodox Church building in Istanbul

June 9, 2015. In the early evening hours of this day, a man, who appeared to be in his 20s, threw a lit Molotov cocktail at a wooden side door of the Holy Trinity Orthodox Church in Kadıköy, Istanbul, (Turkey) according to witnesses at the scene as reports Morning Star News. He then stood outside the door screaming “Allah Akbar (God is greater)” as the flames spread upwards.

As police arrived and took the assailant into custody, he screamed out, “Revenge will be taken for Al-Aqsa Mosque,” an apparent reference to one of Sunni Islam’s holiest sites, located in the Old City of Jerusalem. Police have not released the name of the man taken into custody. It is not known if any charges have been filed against him, if he has been released or if he is under medical or psychological care.

No one was injured in the attack on Holy Trinity and the damage to the building was repaired in two days. The faithful believe that the assailant, who was arrested and declared by the police as a person with psychological disorder, was pressured to commit the attack by a group who wants to provoke religious, ethnic and political problems in Turkey.

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