Orthodox seminarian is beaten to death in Dnepr

July 14, 2017 – In Dnepr there was found a body of a murdered student of Odessa Seminary. His disappearance was reported to the police on July 6. The corpse of the young man was found in one of the abandoned garages along Listopadnaya Street in Dnepr.
According to preliminary data, the seminarian came home from Odessa to the funeral of his grandfather. On the day of his disappearance, he met local residents aged 20 and 21, who had not been previously convicted.

“When the investigative and operational group of Samara police department of Dnepr came to the site, under the pile of household garbage they found a body of the man,” the law enforcers said. “Even with a superficial examination, traces of violent death were found: all the bones of the skull were damaged.”

Investigator Yuri Shcherbinin told about the alleged method of killing the seminarian: “One of the attackers started to strike the man’s stomach, and then two of them went on beating him. After the victim lost consciousness, the malefactors continued to strike his head with a brick. Afterwards they took 25 UAH and an old mobile phone from the guy. The body of the young man was hidden in one of the abandoned garages and covered with household garbage.”

Photo and video documents from the Dnepropetrovsk police departament

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