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Georgian Church refutes false information coming from Ukrainian parliamentary chairman

October 8, 2018. The Patriarchate of Georgia has released a statement refuting the information spreading through the Ukrainian media about its supposed support for the granting of autocephaly to the Orthodox Church in Ukraine. “Such information began to spread after the meeting of Catholicos-Patriarch Ilia II of Georgia with the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Andrei Paruby last week […]

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Tulchin eparchy refutes media fake about Metropolitan Jonathan

September 20, 2018. A false publication on the website “Religion in Ukraine” is designed to quarrel the bishops of the UOC, the press service of the Tulchin eparchy note. The anti-Orthodox portal “Religion in Ukraine” has posted an fake message about Metropolitan Jonathan (Yeletsky), reports the press service of the Tulchin eparchy. The publication affirms that Bishop Jonathan assembled an […]

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UOC refutes a lie in the media about Metropolitan Onufry.

September 9, 2018. On September 8, on the website, false information appeared that “the Moscow priests are preparing a coup in Ukraine” and His Beatitude Metropolitan Onufry of Kiev and All Ukraine flew from Chernovtsy to Gomel. In fact his Beatitude Metropolitan of Kiev and All Ukraine Onufry was performing Divine services at the Holy Dormition Kiev-Pechersk Lavra on […]

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The Serbian Orthodox Church was defamed by the new agency “Vijesti”

August 31, 2018 –  According to the Information Service of the Serbian Orthodox Church, the Secretariat of the Metropolitanate of Montenegro expressed its disapproval of the text published by the news agency “Vijesti” as unprofessional and being biased against Orthodox Church. The Montenegrin web-portal Vijesti published the article titled “Incident in pizzeria in Budva – a priest attacked a man […]

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The Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church defamed

March 8, 2018. The Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Iriney was defamed by a serbian daily newspaper “Kurir”. The Belgrade-based newspaper published on its front page that Patriarch allegedly did not want to move to Kosovo. Earlier the Patriarch Irinej had supported the idea to add “Patriarchate of Pec” to the official name of the Serbian Orthodox Church. According […]

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