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UN monitoring mission documents incidents against churches of UOC

September 20, 2018. OHCHR reports that the police opened criminal cases regarding two of the incidents against UOC temples. During the reporting period of May 16 – August 15, 2018, OHCHR documented six attacks against churches of the UOC, says a new UN Report on the human rights situation in Ukraine published on the official page of the UN monitoring […]

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Police detain men who killed Ukrainian church guard

June 22, 2018. Police have detained the two men who entered the territory of St. Panteleimon Orthodox Church in Melitopol, Ukraine early in the morning on Tuesday and inflicted fatal injuries on the church guard, reports the site of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. As previously reported, the guard, 66-year-old Anatoly, was found by another church worker later in the morning. […]

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Comminique of the Diocese of Raska-Prizren regarding a series of incidents

May 31, 2018. COMMUNIQUE OF THE DIOCESE OF RAŠKA-PRIZREN regarding a series of incidents in the recent days Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Raška-Prizren strongly condemns the latest series of incidents which indicate that there is a serious deterioration of the security situation in which Serbs with their Orthodox Church live in Kosovo and Metohija. Three days ago dozens of Kosovo […]

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After a number of interventions Kosovo authorities stopped the illegal works and withdrew machines

May 26, 2018. Thanks to a number of international interventions during the 26 th of May, Kosovo authorities have stopped the illegal works on the road within the Dečani Monastery protected zone and the heavy machines have reportedly been withdrawn. Let us hope Kosovo institutions will respect their legislation and international obligations. We are grateful to all people of good […]

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Diocese of Raška and Prizren Communique: Construction of the transit road in the Visoki Dečani Monastery violates the law

May 26, 2018. On the occasion of the beginning of heavy construction works on the road from Dečani (Kosovo) to Plav (Montenegro) despite the Kosovo law and UNESCO heritage standards, the Government of Kosovo in a most blatant way endangers one of the prime UNESCO World Heritage Monuments in the Balkans. The Diocese of Raška-Prizren (Serbian Orthodox Church) has issued […]

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