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Robbers attempting to steal gold from icons in an Orthodox Cathedral are apprehended in Chelyabinsk oblast

March 21, 2017 – Members of the Russian Guards have apprehended two men suspected of robbing church property in Kyshtym (Chelyabinsk oblast, Russia). In the morning of March 20, a worker of the Birth of Christ Church has contacted the local security when she saw the two men lifting the glass on top of the icon to steal the golden […]

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In Glukhovo (Ukraine), unknown individuals broke inside an Orthodox Christian cathedral and changed the interior décor

March 19, 2017 – About 70 unknown individuals entered the Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Nicholas (Moscow Patriarchate) in the city of Glukhovo, Sumy oblast. According to the Union of Orthodox Journalists (UOJ), the individuals were accompanied by a chaplain, along with visitors who claimed to come from a “Train of Friendship”, originating in Western Ukraine. They entered the church and […]

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