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In Sumy provocateurs attempt to disrupt the service of UOC

October 14, 2018. A group of unidentified persons arranged a “concert” during the traditional service at the site of the destroyed Intercession Church in Sumy. The provocateurs were located a few meters from the place of the worship performed in Pokrovskaya Square, turning up the loudspeakers through which the music was broadcast, reports “Pravoslavnaya Sumschina” (“The Orthodox Sumy region”). On […]

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Unknowns stoned the bus full of believers of the UOC heading towards the peaceful protest for the protection of the canonical orthodox Church in the Ukraine

October 2, 2018. The attack happened on the territory of St. George’s monastery around 02:00 in the morning in the city of Rivno (western Ukraine). As a correspondent of the UOJ have reported from the scene, four fit and tall unknowns in black balaclavas  stoned with large stones a bus that was filling with parishioners of the UOC to drive […]

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The Police of Montenegro banned the Metropolitan of Montenegro and the Littoral to serve the Holy Liturgy on Ivanova Korita

August 19, 2018. On that day Orthodox Christians were celebrating the feast of Transfiguration of Jesus Christ. However, the Montenegrin Police surrounded the church dedicated to this holy day on Ivanova Korita (Montenegro) and prevented the priesthood and the faithful of the canonical church to hold the service there. According to the Information Service of the Metropolitanate of Montenegro and […]

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In Odessa parishioners and clergy not allowed into the church for worship

August 14, 2018. Represenatives of the UOC KP and UGCC were allowed into the Sts. Cyril and Methodius Church at the Odessa Military Academy while parishioners of the UOC were denied access. On the early morning of August 14, the clergy and numerous parishioners came to the Fontanka road to take part in the festive divine service. However, at the […]

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Local authorities bar believers from getting to cross procession in Ukraine.

July 22, 2018. In Rovno region, local authorities press on transport companies so that they do not provide vehicles to transport believers to the Сross procession in Kiev. The drivers told clergymen that the representatives of the district authorities have “talks” with them advising not to take the believers to Kiev. This was reported to the UOJ correspondent by Protopriest Victor […]

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